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Cited by the number of accident cases in which young children are concerned, the union government has proposed to make helmets and safety harnesses compulsory for children on motorcycles, even if they are under four years old. This is an extension of the 2019 amendment to the rules that people over four years old should use helmets.

Notably, the data released by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways showed that 30,148 people died of road accidents in 2019. In this, 15% of those who lost their lives are people under the age of 18. years.

Meanwhile, it is common on Indian roads for small children to ride motorcycles in an unsafe manner. Children usually sit on top of the fuel tank or on the person’s lap. It is important to note that in most foreign countries the rules ensure that children who board a passenger have appropriate safety equipment. Helmet, child seat and other related precautions are provided. Even cyclists are expected to equip themselves with helmets and safety harnesses.

Commenting on the union government’s proposal, experts say there is no doubt that helmets keep children safe. However, they also point out that the pros and cons of the measure should be studied before it is implemented.

“We need to review the way the children’s helmet policy is implemented in other countries. We need to weigh the pros and cons. A detailed study should be done, ”said Dr MKC Nair, former director of the Child Development Center, Thiruvananthapuram.

At present, helmets for children over three years old are available in the market. Although it is not widely available in stores, it could be purchased from online websites. It costs around Rs 400 to Rs 1000.

Likewise, head protectors for children under the age of three are available in the market. They are made of fabric and cushion. However, they will not ensure the safety provided by the helmet. They are used as an aid to prevent head injuries in children who are learning to walk.

Meanwhile, the Union’s Ministry of Road Transport and Motorways also said that a “safety harness should be used to secure the child to the rider of the motorcycle.” This will ensure more security. Previously, grips were made mandatory in motorcycles to ensure passenger safety.

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