UM presents its first electric gear cruiser, take a look …

UM Motorcycle recently introduced its first UM Renegade Thor Showcase electric cruising motorcycle in India. UM presented this electric cruising motorcycle at the 2018 auto show, which was held once every two years. Renegade Thor is not only India’s first electric cruising bike, but also the world’s first electric gear motorcycle, which also made its global debut in India. The initial price excluding Renegade Thor showroom in Delhi is around Rs 4.9 lakh and it is expected that by the end of this year or by the beginning of 2019 the company will start its official sale. .

Today we give you all the information about UM Renegade Thor Electric Cruiser Motorcycle, which will not be taken after reading it, no kind of confusion. The new UM Renegade Thor is built in the classic American cruiser style, which includes lots of chrome parts, large headlights and wide handlebars on motorcycles. There is also chrome on the motorcycle’s fuel tank and the indicators engaged there are LED. The UM Renegade Thor is equipped with a three-sided synchronous induction electric motor which is equipped with high power battery lithium polymers. This bike has a built-in card charger which is a fast charger.

The UM motorcycle will carry these electric cruising bikes with three kinds of power options in which the low power unit of 7.5 kw is given which can run up to 81 km, a mid-range battery unit of 15 kw whose range is up to 149 km And finally the higher specification will be a 27 kw battery which can be used with a load of up to 270 km. The electric motor engaged in Renegade Thor has the capacity to generate a total power of 40 hp and a peak torque of 70 Nm. The top speed of this motorcycle is 180 km / h. UM Renegade Thor is an electric scooter with one gear which comes with 5 speed gearbox with hydraulic clutch and controller with liquid cooled motor. The controller transmits power through the belt to the previous wheel of the bike. For convenience, UM has also provided reverse gear in this motorcycle. UM offers free charging for two years for this electric cruising motorcycle subscriber, which will be available only at the UM charging station. Say the customer will be able to top up a free bike at all UM dealerships in India for 2 years.

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