This promising e-bike goes vintage with moto cruiser styling

The Electra Kakau Go is an electric bike with a very particular style: it borrows the aesthetic codes of cruiser motorcycles, all at the price of 1800 euros and with a promising autonomy of 65 kilometers.

Source: Electra

If e-bike brand Electra doesn’t ring a bell, its parent company, Trek, probably should. This American manufacturer is indeed a key player in the VAE sector, and has in its pocket a few subsidiaries such as Electra or Bontrager, specializing in equipment for cyclists.

For its part, Electra has formalized a brand new connected cycle called Kakau Go, tells us Hibridos and Electricos. This model has the particularity of borrowing certain aesthetic codes from cruiser motorcycles, giving it a resolutely vintage look. We can say that it at least has the merit of visually standing out from the crowd.

Its close ties with Trek tend to suggest that the manufacturing quality and reliability of certain components will be there. The aluminum frame also benefits from its parent company’s Flat Foot technology. The idea here is to design a very specific frame geometry that provides comfort and stability.

The driving position is thus very upright, but the user is quite capable of placing the foot flat, on the ground, at each stop. And this, while having an excellent extension of his leg when pedaling.

Source: Electra

Electra also wants to emphasize comfort, although no suspension has been incorporated into the cycle. In return, a custom Kakau Go saddle! extra wide was installed alongside 27.5-inch balloon tires. As a reminder, this type of tire has the reputation of smoothing out the irregularities of the road.

Weighing 21.6 kg, Electra Kakau Go opts for a 250 W motor (25 km/h maximum) placed on the hub of the rear wheel. However, it benefits from a torque sensor which allows it to be more reactive than a rotation sensor. This also enhances the dynamism of the bike and gives it a more natural electric behavior.

Very decent battery life

On the other hand, no information was given on the torque of the engine provided by Hyena. However, this is important data for estimating the power of the VAE at start-up, uphill or in recovery. The whole thing is completed by mechanical disc brakes: at this price, a hydraulic system would clearly not have been too much.

The 250 W battery offers a theoretical range of 65 kilometers, which is more than adequate for an electric bike marketed at 1800 euros. In short, the Electra Kakau Go claims a balanced technical sheet on paper given its modest price, lower than the average price of electric bikes.

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