This electric cruiser is as expensive as it looks

Cruising bikes are the most popular type of motorcycle in America, but the electric market today is mainly focused on sports bikes and bare bikes. Now there is finally an option on the way for those looking for both styles. and comfort … but it is not cheap. Curtiss Motorcycles has started taking pre-orders for its first electric cruising motorcycle, the Curtiss One, and the first set of 15 motorcycles is priced at $ 115,000 each, with deliveries scheduled to begin this summer.

Exorbitant price – Curtiss says that after the first cycle, a second production run in 2022 will see 100 units produced at a cost of $ 78,000. For comparison, Tesla’s Cybertruck is expected to cost between $ 40,000 and $ 78,000 depending on the finish – and this thing will be able to pull a tiny house. And that’s before renewed tax credit of $ 7,000 that Democrats in Congress offered Tesla buyers. Electric motorcycles do not benefit from tax credits.

Curtiss Motorcycles

Speaking of the Curtiss One itself, the design is a bit steampunk (read: garish), but the specs are something else. The company claims that the bicycle will have “the most powerful engine in the world.” The engine is said to be capable of delivering 217 horsepower, although it is electronically limited to 120 horsepower. Range and top speed aren’t mentioned but the bike weighs 425 lbs which is pretty good compared to other bikes in its class and should help with speed and mileage.

Curtiss Motorcycles

The 399 V battery, with a capacity of 16.8 kWh is mounted centrally here, with the cells arranged cylindrically and a built-in crumple zone for impact protection so that a dangerous battery fire. does not declare itself. It won’t help your body too much in the event of an accident, however. But that’s true for any motorcycle, electric or otherwise.

More affordable options – Curtiss already has unveiled a more “affordable” bike at $ 30,000, but we use the word generously. It’s still a lot of Benjamins for a two-wheeler. Harley Davidson’s first electric bike, the LiveWire, was criticized by fans for its similar price tag of just under $ 30,000.

By comparison, traditional gasoline-powered cruising bikes can easily be purchased for under $ 10,000. And in the electric sector, there are plenty of bikes on the market today like Zero that are much more affordable than Curtiss Ones … and, depending on your preferences, are just as fun to watch.

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