The Ducati XDiavel 1262 Is A Great Cruiser Motorcycle… Here’s Why

Ducati Diavel is Ducati’s second cruiser motorcycle. The 2011 model year Diavel debuted at the EICMA show in Milan, while the second generation debuted as a 2015 model at Volkswagen Group Night in Geneva.

With many revisions and different generations, the Ducati Diavel is something special. Ducati’s latest creation is the XDiavel 1262. Along with other super popular models on the market today, like the mighty 2020 Ducati V4 Streetfighter, the XDiavel stands out among the rest.

The XDiavel 1262 has high-tech specs, a reputable company behind it, and a powerful engine. What more could you want? Let’s see if this bike can make it to the list of the 10 best Ducati bikes ever made.

Now…here’s why it’s a great cruiser bike.

Generation 1

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Generation 1 is the original design, featuring a round headlight with LED in the center. It was available in two variants; the dark and standard model, or the carbon model with Marchinesi wheels, carbon front guard, carbon tank and coated front suspension.

Generation 2


The second generation hit the market in 2015 and featured a twin-spark engine, redesigned headlight and a new type of radiator vent.

AMG Edition

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Similar to the first generation carbon platform, the AMG Edition was launched in 2011. It has a custom and unique individual wheel design, redesigned radiator vents, white striped paint and a ribbed seat.

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Titanium Edition

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Born in 2015, only 500 bikes were used to create this titanium edition based on the Gen 2 platform. The titanium got a complete redesign including exclusive wheels, fuel tank and hood of seat.

XDiavel Edition

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XDiavel has integrated a new color for this model: matte liquid concrete grey. This tone matches the black mechanics and complements the dark brown seat. Plus, modern long and low shapes work well with cutting-edge technology.

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The XDiavel contains a Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 twin, an entirely new and approved engine that uses the Desmodromic Variable Timing System. This is an increase in engine capacity over the old Testastretta 1200. The new engine in tandem with the new variable valve timing system increases smooth low-speed torque and ensures sporty performance.

Exhaust system

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The XDiavel exhaust uses a chamber body and two terminals. The exhaust pipes have been formulated so that the engine remains visible. In addition, the central body has been positioned in front of the rear wheel so that it is practically invisible to the eye.

Ducati Power launch

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The Ducati Power Launch, or DPL, guarantees fast and safe starts thanks to the regulation of the gas and the intervention of the DTC – Ducati Traction Control. The DPL has 3 intervention modes for maximum performance.

Users can easily operate the DPL by pressing the dedicated button on the right switch. After activating the DPL, you can select the level of intervention via the menu. Once the level is chosen, you can make an explosive start easily and quickly.

Ride by Wire

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The Ride-by-Wire system, also known as the RbW system, is the electronic interface between the engine and the fuel handle. This helps determine the ideal power level based on the selected drive mode.

The Ducati Diavel 1262 is a powerful, luxurious, high-tech, user-friendly and performance-oriented motorcycle that is taking the motorcycling world by storm. With the powerful engine and simple user interface, there is no doubt that this is one awesome motorcycle.

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