Royal Enfield SG650 Concept Presents Next Cruiser Motorcycle

Royal Enfield SG650 Concept
Looks like Enfield is telling the world what the 650cc Classic will look like

The Royal Enfield SG650 Concept was designed to celebrate the brand’s 120th anniversary

Royal Enfield previewed the SG650 Concept motorcycle before it was officially unveiled at EICMA 2021. The premium bike maker created this concept on its existing 650cc platform and thus showed the world what its next twin-cylinder cruiser will look like.

According to Enfield, the SG650 Concept celebrates the transition. So, the design team based the theme on the brand’s classic styling and worked towards a model that looks like what a future neo-retro Royal Enfield would look like.

Côté Concept Royal Enfield SG650
The design of the front of the bike is mega!

The bike, which has a heritage-inspired polished aluminum front end, has the analog soul of the Enfields of the past. It also has some subtle nods to bikes from bygone days.

The Royal Enfield SG650 Concept’s fuel tank, which has been CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum, sports sporty digital graphics. Other machined aluminum parts featured on the concept vehicle include the wheels, dual front discs and brake calipers.

Rear profile
It sports an inverted front fork and dual front discs with ABS

With a low-rise flat handlebars housing bar end mirrors, the concept vehicle also features an integrated aluminum top clevis, aluminum switch cubes, inverted front fork, dual rear shocks, two tailpipes and a floating solo leather seat.

The SG650 Concept’s engine, the same as that of the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT650, also received the same graphic element (thanks to polished aluminum) found on the fuel tank.

The level of detail on this concept is quite high

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