Richard Hammond’s Painful Garage Sale of Beautiful Rare Cars

Since you are reading an automotive website, I’m going to assume that you own or have owned a vehicle that is much more than a point A to B means of transportation. This car has sentimental value, it is the vehicle you have. always wanted, or maybe it’s just a reliable ride that you love to drive. This is what makes Richard Hammond’s latest youtube video heartbreaking to watch. The longtime co-host of BBC’s Top Gear and Amazon’s The Grand Tour is back with his show, Richard Hammond’s Workshop on Discovery. Unfortunately, in order to finance the new business, he had to sell some of his valuable assets.

Hammond is bringing four motorcycles and three cars to a local auction in an effort to raise $ 100,000 to buy equipment and wages. He says his store won’t make money in the first year and he has to find other ways to fund it.

Hammond auctioned off rare cars

1999 Lotus Esprit 355 sport, chassis number five of 49 never manufactured. Hammond wrings his face in pain, describing the rare silvery beauty. He calls it “an epic car… the ultimate expression of the Spirit with a twin-turbo flat-plan V8 in the back.”

He also brought a 1969 Porsche 911 T in mint condition produced the same year and the same month Hammond was born, “Simple as that, that’s why I got this car”. However, it’s a fantastic car with its 2.2-liter flat-six, “it’s a nice, bubbly little engine, and I’ve always had 911s,” explained the car enthusiast.

Next is a Bentley S2 or, as Hammond calls it, the “old tank”. It’s another rare beauty with only 2308 made between 1959 and 1962. “My wife and daughters loved this one, that for a Sunday picnic or a pub lunch break is just an epic old thing. and sweet. So I hope someone appreciates this, ”Hammond said.

Hammond also parted ways with his motorcycles

Equally impressive are the four bikes. A Kawasaki Z900, which Hammond calls “the most beautiful Japanese motorcycle ever built”. He also brought a 1929 Velocette KSS and a 1927 Sunbeam Model 2 Fireblade bike. Another rare piece is the Norton Dominator Street motorcycle, Hammond owns the 50th of only 50 ever made, and he bought it for his 50th birthday. .

Hammond watched in anguish as the auctioneer let go of the hammer with each sale. He has earned enough money to buy equipment for his store, but it seems he has lost a piece of his heart.

This video and article may seem silly to the person who does not use a car. But, if you’ve ever had to part with your ride when you didn’t want to, you know Hammond’s pain. I still remember selling my 2014 Chevrolet Camaro SS because my kids no longer fit in the backseat. I loved this car; the change of handle was like an extension of my hand; it fits perfectly. However, a father has to make sacrifices. So please don’t feel too bad for me because I replaced it with a gorgeous Dodge Charger SRT – it has four doors and plenty of backseat space for the growing kids.

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