Letterkenny Stars Tease Odd Jobs and Hilarious Bits Coming in Season 11 (Interview)

life in Letterkenny is as irreverently hilarious as ever in the tenth season of the hit Hulu comedy series. The rural Canadian town sees its fair share of hilarious hijinks in Season 10 to keep its residents on their toes. From Squirrelly Dan (K. Trevor Wilson) arguing over baked goods to Gail (Lisa Codrington) and Glen (Jacob Tierney) taking on unusual odd jobs to make ends meet, life isn’t quite as simple in the small town as it initially appears to be.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, series stars Wilson, Codrington and Tierney — who also direct and executive produce the series — shared their favorite moments from Letterkenny Season 10 praised the co-stars for keeping things as fun on set as they did in the finished episodes, and provided special insight into each of their respective characters.

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Jacob, when you were talking about the scripts with Jared Keeso, what a scene from Letterkenny Are you most looking forward to directing Season 10?

Jacob Tierney: There’s no [one specific] scene. I love it when we go to Dyck Farm. We always have so much fun there, and it’s very pretty so it’s fun for me to film it. I was thrilled to shoot the epic scene with the McMurrays and Gail. I was very excited to do the “Prostate” episode too. It was quite an embarrassment of riches this year, lots of good stuff.

Glen and Wayne have ice cream

Lisa, we’ve seen Gail become a more active part of Letterkenny‘s hijinks rather than just the owner of MoDean’s. She even finds love with Jim Dickens. How does it become a bigger part of the whole?

Lisa Codrington: This is very fun! I never know what to expect, wondering what Gail is up to this year. Sometimes she’s a dog breeder and sometimes her bar burns down and she has to buy a new one.

Tierney: It’s happened a bunch of times! It’s almost like we keep losing locations and have to find new bars [laughs]. No, it’s a story choice!

Codrington: Always a choice of story, of course! It’s great fun opening a script wondering what Gail is going to do and what new skills she has. It just seems like she has a lot of irons in the fire and her dating history is pretty varied – Jim Dickens, Uncle Eddie – and all over the place. She has a lot to do [laughs].

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K. Trevor, I feel like Dan is as pure as packed snow compared to the more exciting antics of Letterkenny. We see things like her reaction to porn. How does he bring this more innocent perspective to the proceedings?

K. Trevor Wilson: Dan tries to be a better person. If you go back to season 1, Dan talks a lot about the old days, about drugs, and he has a story about a prostitute and a sword. Dan’s past is checkered, to say the least. I think a big part of Dan’s arc is that he tries to be better every day to better himself and be a better ally and a better person. It’s not so much that he’s innocent but that he’s trying to be innocent [laughs].

Tierney: He’s a born-again innocent!

Dan speaks to the audience

Wilson: Dan is a sweet, kind guy who can get tough and angry when needed. He’s a fun character to play and a fun character to see, that you can be sensitive and tough.

Codrington: There are also many sheep in his story.

Wilson: Many sheep in its history. He was smaller and addicted to cocaine. We know so much about him [laughs].

How much of Dan’s story did you develop yourself to find out what baggage he can carry at any given time?

Wilson: I try not to write too much about a character that I didn’t create, but I made choices as Dan that became canon. We’re just trying to have fun with Dan. I try to go out there and not let any of his past choices influence his future choices so much. Every decision Dan makes that we know of is that he’s trying to be a good guy. Sometimes he knows his friends with how hard he tries to be the good guy and they kinda bring him back. Dan tends to overdo it and that’s why Wayne constantly reminds him to take about 20% off.

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Lisa, how does posture and movement influence your performance as Gail? She feels like a character already in position and ready to go down.

Codrington: There’s a lot in these boots. She’s wearing motorcycle boots and they’re very heavy, and once you put those boots on, you have to walk a certain way. I think, of course, Gail is quite a physical character, so a lot of it is on the move. She is always in motion and this guides the character. She is always doing something and always ready.

Jacob, which of Glen’s side jobs is your favorite?

Tierney: I don’t know which is my favorite but I loved to say that I was a waitress, it was always one of my most fun occupations. Being a nurse feels more like a promotion to me, even though it could have just been an administrative job. I didn’t choose to think about it much. You’ll see in season 11 that I have two new jobs, so that’s something to look forward to next year – one of them is probably my favorite from next season.

Is it hard to keep your cool while doing anything with the Dyck family? I feel like these double meanings fly fast and furious.

Tierney: They are also trying to get you. Jon [Torrens] tries to make you laugh, and that’s not helpful either.

Wilson: He’ll open a line and then scrunch up his face, maintaining hard eye contact with you while he makes that grimace. You’re sitting there trying very hard not to [break] the scene, but he finds a way and turns the gears. He always adds that little extra to bother us during our cover and that gets a lot of laughs.

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Lisa, while you’ve had set scenes with the McMurrays before, what was it like having Melanie Scrofano and Dan Petronijevic as your stage partners in Season 10?

Codrington: It’s pretty awesome and it helps that they’re also pretty extreme. The McMurrays are pretty extreme and Gail is pretty extreme. Throwing these guys together is a lot of fun and pretty wild because they’re gonna go for it. In the scene we have together, they go there and they don’t pull any punches, that’s for sure.

Tierney: I still think about the scene with the hot tub where they do karaoke at the end. It was hard and I think it was the first time I saw you break up when we were just sitting on the couch. Melanie had actually memorized a Chinese song and it was crazy to watch!

Created by Jared Keeso, the first ten seasons of Letterkenny are now available to stream on Hulu.

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