His son gives his father a Honda Gold Wing Cruiser motorcycle

Lately, many people in India tend to gift vehicles to their loved ones. Sometimes it is the parents who give a vehicle to their child and now many children also give a car or a bicycle to their parents. It’s not always parents and children. There are videos of couples giving each other such expensive gifts. Here we have such a reaction video after a YouTuber decided to gift his father a brand new Honda Gold Wing cruiser to his dad.

The video was uploaded by ASHWIN SINGH TAKIAR on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger drives his new Honda Gold Wing Cruiser motorcycle to his dad’s house to see his reaction. Vlogger had bought the bike recently but couldn’t show it to his dad as he was stuck with work. From the last video, the vloggers had already realized that the vlogger had bought the Gold Wing for him and was very excited about it.

After reaching the place, the vlogger’s father comes to see the motorbike and he is at a loss for words. Honda Gold Wing and Suzuki Intruder were his dream cruiser bikes. He started checking out the bike and the vlogger walked him through the basics of the bike. The Honda Gold Wing seen here in the video is actually Honda’s flagship model in the Indian market. Honda offers this motorcycle only through Big Wing dealerships.

Vlogger’s dad is amazed after seeing how huge this bike is. It is a heavy motorcycle and offers a long list of features with it. It comes with a keyless start. The key fob should be in the pocket and the handlebar can be locked and unlocked using the button on the handlebar. There’s an all-digital dashboard that doubles as an infotainment screen. The screen can support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The screen is controlled using the toggle buttons on the handlebars.

This is the DCT version, which means it does not come with a physical clutch lever. The buttons to shift gear from neutral to the driver and the shift knobs are all integrated on the handlebars. The motorcycle also has several storage compartments which the vlogger explains to his father in the video. The motorcycle mentioned above is very heavy and in order to make things easier for the rider, Honda also offers reverse gear with the motorcycle. It is powered by a 1,883cc six-cylinder engine that generates 126hp and 170Nm of peak torque.

After checking out some of the bike’s specs, the vlogger’s dad gets excited and starts talking about taking it on long rides. He then takes the motorbike out for a spin on the pocket road and returns with a big smile on his face. He mentions that he is riding an automatic motorcycle for the first time and that it would take him some time to get used to it. The video also included reaction from other people living in the area and they were all amazed to see the motorcycle.

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