Fuel Oil Electric may soon launch an electric cruiser with a claimed range of 350km

Many EVs are currently being launched in India across all segments. An exciting segment is the e-bike segment, where there are currently only a select number of players. Mazout Electric is a new startup, which has developed an electric cruiser motorcycle with a claimed range of 350 km and a claimed top speed of 120 km per hour. Also Read – Father and Daughter Duo Die After New Electric Bike Fire: Here’s What Happened

The Mazout Electric Cruiser Motorcycle was developed by a team of engineering students from the Technical University of Delhi, who showcased the motorcycle using a YouTube video, which has been embedded below. Also Read – Kia to launch its first electric car in India by June 2022: Report

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During the video, the Mazout team presented the design of the electric cruiser motorcycle and provided us with some technical details of their second prototype. In addition to working on the hardware for the electric cruiser, the owners of Mazout Electric are also developing the software for the bike.

The startup is currently not ready to unveil the bike in the Indian market. However, when it does, it will mark a significant improvement in terms of the range of current electric motorcycles. Note that the Indian market does not currently have any offers of electric cruiser motorcycles. However, several cruisers are currently under development and will be launched soon.

The founders revealed that the e-bike will feature a 6kW motor and a 25kWh battery. Although the company has not revealed when it will launch the bike in the Indian market, it is currently accepting reservations for the 150km and 300km versions, which it estimates will ship in Q3 2022.

In the video it is mentioned that the hardware part of the motorcycle is almost ready and the company is currently working on the software part. The team is currently working on a system that will plan trips while tracking charging stops when details have been provided. The bike will come with support for both AC and DC fast charging, with the company claiming the battery can be fully charged in six hours from 0-100%.

The founders expect the bike to cost between Rs 3,00,000 and Rs 3,50,000.

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