First look at 2020 Beta RR-S dual-sport bikes (20 highlights)

2020 Beta 350 RR-S

First look at the 2020 Beta RR-S 350, 390, 430 and 500

It’s been a big year for the Beta RR-S line of dual-sport motorcycles. Beta has given the 2020 Beta RR-S line of four motorcycles – 350, 390, 430 and 500 – an all frame and engine. Let’s take a look at all the details.

First look at the 2020 Beta RR-S dual-sport motorcycles
2020 Beta 350 RR-S
  1. The new four-stroke engine is 2.2 pounds lighter.
  2. Dual injectors are now used. Beta claims improved fuel economy in addition to more power. To go with the new injectors, the EFI is remapped.
  3. Major interior parts have been moved to bring the center of gravity closer to the swingarm pivot. The clutch is raised and the crankshaft moves back.
  4. The 2020 Beta RR-S models receive a new cooling system. The new water pump has higher flow through the high-output radiators, and the hose system is simplified with coolant routed through the frame. Additionally, a new cylinder and cylinder head are designed to utilize the additional coolant flow and reduce engine operating temperatures.
  5. The clutch is updated. The discs have a new material with a smoother shifting focus. There is also a new magnesium clutch cover to more efficiently circulate oil to the clutch. Speaking of magnesium, the steering wheel cover is now also made of the lightweight element.
  6. Shifting should be better on the new Beta RR-S dual-sport bikes. In addition to the new clutch disc material, the shifter has been redesigned and the shifting stroke is shorter and will require less force.
  7. The frame used for the four bikes in the 2020 Beta RR-S range has a new geometry and stiffness. Precision cast parts are now used, and the frame is narrower at the bottom and gets a new skid plate. In addition, a new engine mount will reduce vibration.
  8. A new rear subframe matches the frame. The techno-polymer subframe has been reinforced for better resistance to collision damage. Inside, the air filter setup is new, and Beta claims it’s easier and faster to install the filter correctly.
  9. A new exhaust goes with the new rear subframe. The heat shield has also been updated.
  10. The swingarm is longer for improved stability and traction. To go with it, a new chain guide.
  11. The 2020 Beta RR-S range ZF fork gets new internals. The cartridge has a lower center of gravity to improve handling. Additionally, softness is increased and the new cartridge is designed to better absorb square-edged impacts. The valve is reworked to match the new frame.
  12. This is an all new ZF shock. Along with the updated valving, it features an improved top-out system (less bouncing when braking) and a longer, more progressive bumper (softer and more bottoming resistant).
  13. Riders who want a two-inch lower saddle can order it as a factory option. Parts inside the fork and shock make it easy to lower the seat height on all four 2020 RR-S dual-sport motorcycles.
  14. Ergonomics is updated. The handlebars are wider, the saddle is redesigned. Additionally, the new Beta RR-S dual-sport bikes have new plastic.
  15. The dashboard is new and still includes GPS as a standard feature.
  16. The fuel tank capacity can reach 2.4 gallons. It’s not enough for long trips, but will satisfy those doing local dual-sport runs.
  17. The support for the rear light and the license plate is new. It’s a clean looking setup and grab handles are built into the back.
  18. The kickstand is new and has a wider footplate for added stability when parked off-road.
  19. There is a $300 price increase across the board for the 2020 Beta RR-S 350, 390, 430 and 500.
  • 2020 Beta 350 RR-S Price: $10,599 MSRP
  • 2020 Beta 390 RR-S Price: $10,699 MSRP
  • 2020 Beta 430 RR-S Price: $10,799 MSRP
  • 2020 Beta 500 RR-S Price: $10,899 MSRP

20. Be patient – the 2020 Beta RS-S dual-sport motorcycles won’t hit dealerships until November 2019.

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