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As Macau prepares for the 2021 Macau Grand Prix season, a lot of fun on and off the track awaits visitors

Presented by the Macau Government Tourism Board (MGTO)

Revisit six decades of iconic Macau road racing through the film The Legend of the Macau Grand Prix, now on display at the Macau Grand Prix Museum

As Macau approaches November, the air around the destination fills with excitement. It’s Macau Grand Prix season from November 18-21, but fans of the Fast and the Furious have more to do than motorsport to get their adrenaline pumping fix.

Begin a journey through the past and present of the Macau Grand Prix through the voices of the drivers and racers who have traveled the iconic Guia street circuit for the past six decades, and through insightful glimpses of the atmosphere , the unique character and emotion of a Macau Weekend Grand Prix – all captured in the film, The legend of the Macau Grand Prix.

The legend of the Macau Grand Prix by local filmmaker Sérgio Basto Perez, who has been in charge of filmmaking at MGTO for years, is one of six nominations for the Best Event Film category at the 2021 International Motor Film Awards. The International Motor Film Awards are the world’s most prestigious awards for the automotive film and television industry.

Visitors to Macau can see the film at the Macau Grand Prix Museum and enjoy the races in all their audio and visual glory, thanks to the latest 4K projection technology and 7.1 surround sound in the new projection room. It is broadcast twice a day every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. and four times a day on weekends at 11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Renovated Macau Grand Prix Museum features new interactive exhibits and virtual reality racing stations for visitors of all ages to enjoy

During your stay, take some time to explore the museum, which reopened on June 1 of this year after extensive renovations since 2017. Today, the Macau Grand Prix Museum has a space larger – on four floors – as well as new interactive displays and virtual reality racing stations. which give visitors a taste of motor racing.

Hours of operation and conditions may change due to security measures related to Covid-19. Visitors should contact the Macau Grand Prix Museum (+853 8593 0515) before their visit.

Here are some fun facts about the Macau Grand Prix to whet your appetite: The 6.2km Guia Circuit is considered one of the most demanding motor racing circuits in the world, all thanks to its many twisty turns and its fast straight lines; the track served very briefly as a street treasure hunt before being used for amateur races; and the event is highly regarded for its Formula 3 and 4 championships as well as the Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Power on euphoria
Beyond the high-pitched whine of racing engines, Macau has plenty of other experiences that will thrill thrill seekers.

GoAirborne Macau welcomes beginners and business travelers

Lisboeta Macau’s new GoAirborne Macau integrated complex would be the first skydiving center in Macau. Equipped with a 15m high international competition wind tunnel, the center offers every guest – from beginners to professional pilots – an opportunity to enjoy the sport in a safe and controlled environment.

Instructors are on hand to guide beginners, who can choose from a variety of packages, from a one-dive teaser package to a six-dive trial training package. Children four and over are welcome.

Zipcity Macau is the premier urban zipline attraction in the destination as well as in the Asia-Pacific

The Lisboeta Macau Integrated Resort is also home to another new attraction: Zipcity Macau. Positioned as Asia-Pacific’s premier urban zipline attraction, the installation combines exhilarating zipline sensations with extra-sensory audiovisual experiences. The experience is ideal for family outings and student groups.

Daytime and nighttime rides are available, each featuring a different 360-degree view of Cotai town. A spectacular audiovisual spectacle awaits night travelers.

Pace your time at GoAirborne Macau and Zipcity Macau with a stay at one of the hotels in the Lisboeta Macau Integrated Resort, which features collective memories of Macau and its iconic landmarks. The hotels that will open in Lisboeta Macao include Lisboeta, LINE FRIENDS presents CASA DE AMIGO and Maison L’Occitane – all bearing unique themes. Even more fun can be found here, such as the @ Lisboeta Night Market and Guia Electric Karting.

Hours of operation and conditions may change due to security measures related to Covid-19. Visitors should contact GoAirborne Macau (+853 2888 0882) and Zipcity Macau ([email protected]) prior to their visit.

Compete against your friends and family in a high energy paintball war game brought to you by Follow Me Macau

Need more action? Quench your thirst for competition with a game of paintball war games, coordinated by destination specialist Follow Me Macau.

Participants receive military equipment, a pair of protective gloves and a bulletproof vest for close quarters combat, as well as a safety briefing and an introduction to the use of firearms. Three matches will be played in groups until a winning team emerges. Advance reservations are required.

Light up the night
Macau continues to invite visitors to play all day and all night when the Macao Light Festival returns from December 4, 2021 to January 2, 2022.

Macau will light up again from December during the popular Macau Festival of Lights; festival activities in 2020 pictured

First launched in 2015, the annual event puts Macau in the spotlight – literally – with mapping projections and light installations. As well as providing a visual treat for visitors to the destination, the Macau Festival of Lights provides the perfect opportunity to appreciate and learn about the local community, culture and history through interactive activities. .

In 2020, the popular festival transformed Macau into a romantic city, with visitors invited to explore four themed routes of light installations – Circus, Time Tunnel, Candy Kingdom and Music Box of Lights – and to enjoy stunning light installations and to participate in interactive games along the way. . The route covered various iconic sites, such as the nautical center of Nam Van Lake, Anim’Arte NAM VAN and the village of Taipa.

Macao Light Festival 2021 promises to be even more exciting, so stay tuned for more details!

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