Equipment review: Vemar Kona Dual Sport helmet

Written by Liam Nuhring | Photos by Andy McNab. Posted in Equipment

The newly released Kona helmet of the italian company Vemar, is directly targeting the market for economical bisport helmets. A full magazine analysis could be devoted to the differences between motorcycle helmets in different price categories. From my point of view, the main differences between the high-end helmet and budget helmets are the comfort and the quality of the components. I can say with certainty that the Kona is a cut above its competition in these respects.

the Vemar kona is one of the more comfortable covers I have used in this price range, an aspect that minimizes fatigue making it very suitable for long distance riding. The inner liner and cheek pads are made from medium density foam that is highly effective at wicking away moisture and sweat. And the interior fabric is a high-tech synthetic fiber designed to reduce odor by suppressing the growth of bacteria.

The basis of the Kona is slightly flared to complete a neck brace for those looking to maximize safety. But this also makes it a creative challenge for the assembly of communication systems. When it comes to wind noise and jarring, like most bisport helmets, the peak doesn’t do much in the area of ​​aerodynamics at highway speeds. Although appreciable, it is more than tolerable.

the Kona has excellent ventilation with multiple vents and exhaust ports. A removable chin bar is included with the helmet, to keep the wind out and the heat out in cold weather. Having said that, I had a few issues with the attachment method and would like to see it more secure.

A number of bisport helmets miss the mark with their less than ideal field of vision. Preserving the rider’s full peripheral field of vision is, in my opinion, one of the most crucial safety factors of any motorcycle helmet. the Kona take full advantage with a visor the size of some sports bike windshields. It is made of a scratch resistant optical material and is pinlock ready. Plus, the built-in flip-up sun visor is easy to use with one hand on the go and provides full coverage and protection.

vemar kona 1

The face shield of a helmet is often the target of suicide bugs and insect attacks. I thought I got used to the blurry glasses of my other helmets after first looking through the Konathe visor. The qualification process for obtaining the ECE 22.05 rating has been found to include high standards for evaluating optical quality and visor clarity.

However, if you are a serious off-road rider, you will probably always choose to protect your eyes with goggles. the Vemar kona, staying true to the adventure pilot, is quite capable of accommodating goggles without any modification required. The shell has a recessed portion designed to ensure that your mask strap stays in place.

The current trend in motorcycle helmet development is for the more modern ratchet chin strap. The ratchet components on the Kona are plastic, but quite capable of withstanding significant amounts of pressure and force, in accordance with DOT and ECE 22.05 requirements.

When it comes to high value and low cost bisport helmets, the Vemar kona hits the mark and will fully meet the needs of most adventurers. Its versatility and performance should appeal to both daily commuters and travelers all over the world. MSRP: $ 159 solid | $ 169 Graphic



?? Suitable for both urban commuters and famous world travelers on Instagram ?? Chin curtain might need some superglue
?? Amazing bang for your buck ?? Mounting a Bluetooth the communicator may require some finesse
?? Five-year warranty

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