BMW Motorrad set to open its largest dealership in the Philippines

BMW Motorrad is set to expand its presence in the Philippines with the imminent opening of its largest dealership to date.

Located in Pampanga, the newest and largest BMW Motorrad dealership is set to open in August – and we got a glimpse of the dealership even before the furniture, staff and BMW bikes were installed.

The BMW Pampanga Premier Motorrad dealership is owned by the Laus Group, which also owns Pampanga Premier Cars BMW. It is located in the same complex along Jose Abad Santos Avenue in San Fernando City, with the Premier Motorrad dealership just behind the BMW vehicle showroom.

The BMW Pampanga Premier Motorrad dealership is hard to miss, as the facade is decorated with the brand’s iconic motto “Make Life A Ride”.

“With this dealership facility, we will be able to showcase and display more Motorrad products and accommodate additional units for servicing. Finally, our vision of how we wanted Premier Motorrad to be will come to fruition,” Laus Group of Companies Executive Director Diorella Laus said at the dealership groundbreaking ceremony.

Even without the final dealership touches, the new BMW Pampanga Premier Motorrad dealership carries the current style of the airy BMW showroom, full of earth tones and choice lighting elements. High-end German motorcycles will be showcased in the 13-unit gallery inside the 679-square-meter facility, which also houses a lounge and cafe for customers and potential customers.

The showroom also includes a second floor for gears and other BMW lifestyle items available for purchase, as well as two discount bays for new and existing customers.

BMW Motorrad owners from central Luzon – and even those from more northern provinces – will also be able to have their motorcycles serviced at the next dealership. It has a service area that can service up to six bikes at a time.

The BMW Pampanga Premier Motorrad dealership is set to open on August 17, 2022, coinciding with the birth date of the late Levi Laus.

“As our oldest partner, LausGroup, begins the construction of its new BMW Motorrad factory, we are still strengthening the brand’s presence. The growth of the premium motorcycle segment in the industry has prompted us to bring out the thrill of BMW Motorrad and, of course, our commitment to making the best service more accessible to the market. The new facility will provide the entire North Luzon region with a one-stop-shop for their BMW Motorrad needs,” said Spencer Yu, President of SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp.

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